Welcome to Two Finer Divine.

A magical, mind reading demonstration that will blow your audience way!!

Official Release date: Blackpool 2019!!

Pre-orders now being taken!


Two Finer Divine is the amazing new and incredibly easy-to-do , mind blowing mentalism card trick , that will guarantee those phenomenal reactions usually reserved for TV audiences !

So how does it play ?
Well , imagine removing a deck of 52 cards from a box and handing them to an audience member to shuffle.

The cards are then given back to the performer .
The order of these shuffled cards is not altered and from this shuffled deck a card is freely chosen .
Trust me the choice of card is fairer than the President’s toupee!

This 1st person is asked to remember their card before replacing it into the deck . The deck is again handed to the audience to shuffle .

Without looking at or touching the cards the performer is now able to begin to divine the chosen and lost card……but wait a minute this is too easy !

A 2nd person is asked to join in the fun , they are asked to simply name a card .

The routine now all builds to a fantastic , dramatic and unexpected finale that will blow your audience away !

The magician removes a card from the deck and hands it to the audience. They take a look and it is revealed that the magician has been able to deduce and remove the first chosen card. 


But, that's not all!! The performer now  asks the audience  to take a closer look at the chosen card in their hand .

They take a look and imagine the insane reactions and total disbelief when it is now revealed that the 2nd named card is discretely printed on the face of the freely chosen card .

Absolutely impossible !!

Devastating magic that is…..(wait for it)…completely self working !
52 Bicycle Rider Back Cards
No Thin Cards

No Rough and Smooth
No Svengali Principle

No Marked Cards
No Maths Involved
No Stacks
No Multiple Outs
No Dual Reality
No Stooges
No Assistants required (audience can shuffle the cards)
Instant Reset

Completely self working
Available in Red or Blue Backs
Can be custom made in Phoenix cards or any other back design if required at a slight increased cost.

It really is as clean and as fair as it sounds !!!

All decks are individually custom made.

What you receive :
One custom made deck

Printed written instructions




UK £43



Paypal  payment to: gazmagic@btinternet.com


All decks will be made in Bicycle playing cards. If you have a preference on the deck being either red or blue backed please make a note in the paypal note section.


Since each deck is custom made to order, there may be a little delay before despatch.

If you wish to know exactly when your order will be shipped please contact us before purchase.

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